Frequently Asked Questions for Moving Services:

Here, We will describe frequently asked questions for mover services!

Why do you bill hourly?

Every moving company is basing their quote off of the time they believe it will take. Clients often add on once they see how much faster we are moving items so billing hourly is the best way to go. If you have a budget in mind, you can always work backwards to see how much time that would cover. Many people will opt to take their smaller items and boxes then just bring us in for the bigger and heavier items but it is entirely up to you.

Can you dis/assemble my bed?

Yes. We bring basic hand tools with us. Since we are billing hourly, it is entirely up to you for how much or how little we do.

Are your movers complete “meatheads” (all brawn, no brain)?

Not at all!
Most of us are University / College educated. We are also friendly, respectful and looking to pay off student loans by offering a great service.

Why should I hire Brawny Movers?

  1. Our high quality staff. 
  2. Competitive pricing.
  3. The convenience of booking and paying online.

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How long does the average move take?

In general, these timeframes apply.

Student moves (just a bedroom): <2 hours with 2 movers and a large sprinter van

Apartments: 3 to 5 hours with 2 movers and a 16′ truck

1-3 bedroom Houses: 4 to 6 hours with 3 movers and a 26′ truck

3+ bedroom Houses: varies. Ex. For a 2.7M home, it took 8 hours with 3 trucks and a 6 man crew.

Client preparedness, distance to the truck, volume of items, obstacles (elevators/stairs), multiple stops and distance between locations all contribute to moving time.

This chart provides a rough guideline for how long to book movers for just 1 side of the move

Should I empty dresser drawers?

While it is always appreciated, it isn’t always necessary to empty drawers as that often takes up more space. If the dresser will be overly heavy, cannot support its own weight, contains breakables or has to go around corners / up or down stairs then emptying the drawers is encouraged. Please note that if you leave items in drawers, we will not be responsible for any damages.

What are “Labour-Only” movers?

Brawny Movers first started to help people who prefer to rent a truck/trailer/container and then hire us to un/load because it saves the customer quite a bit of money. We understand that most people aren’t a fan of moving furniture though and it can be difficult to find competent physical labourers. Moving furniture isn’t for most people but our staff enjoy the exercise. We also

Do the Labour-Only movers have their own transportation?

Yes. We have our own transportation and drive to your starting location. If you are unloading within London, Ontario we will drive to the second location as well.

Do you have your own moving trucks?

Yes. We have a fleet of 16′ box trucks and 26′ trucks.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card and E-transfer for deposits. Your balance can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or credit cards and E-transfer.

What happens if I am running late on the day of my move?

Please try to be on time. Our movers will be there for the specified time and you are paying for the time frame scheduled. Should you need to re-schedule on the day of the move, you will forfeit your deposit.

What happens if the move is completed well within the time frame?

Suppose the move only takes an hour an a half. It would still be subject to our 2 hour minimum charge and you are free to have the movers help you unpack or place furniture for the full 2 hours that you had booked.

Addendum: For moves originally booked for 6 hours or more that are completed well within the time frame, we will refund within 30 minute increments. Example: A 6 hour move is completed in 4 hours and 16 minutes; the customer is entitled to ask for a discount/refund for 1.5 hours. *Note that this will be the responsibility of the customer, otherwise this can

Are there any hidden charges?

We do not nickle and dime but certain items (pianos, gun safes, fitness equipment) can carry additional charges.

The deposit is not an extra fee, it is deducted from the total cost of your move. Note that the deposit is non-refundable should you cancel within 72 hours of your planned move.

Do your staff accept tips?

Staff are allowed to receive tips but they are not permitted to ask for them. This is completely optional and entirely at the customer’s discretion.

You are welcome to submit feedback and we will gladly reward the staff.

What if I have to cancel before my scheduled service?

We will gladly try to accommodate a new appointment when given 10 days notice but cancelations within 10 days of the move date will forfeit their deposit. Please understand that canceling within that time frame disrupts our scheduling and our company will be losing money (lost opportunity cost).

Can I get a receipt?

Of course. Receipts can be emailed to clients.

How do I book your moving services?

Booking is easy! You can contact us directly through our website. We are the only local moving company that offers the convenience of online booking and online payments for a seamless experience.

Do you offer long-distance moving services?

Depending on the time of year and the destination. Long-distance moving services and out of province relocation is often very expensive if your employer isn’t covering the relocation cost. We can typically offer cost effective advice here.

What sets your moving company apart from others?

We prioritize our staff’s well-being by providing fair wages and performance incentives, ensuring you get a team motivated to provide exceptional service. Our competitive pricing, convenience in booking, and efficient moving process further distinguish us in the industry.

Are your movers experienced and trained?

Absolutely. Our movers are highly experienced and undergo thorough training to ensure they handle your belongings with care and professionalism. Their expertise extends to various aspects, including furniture assembly and disassembly.