It pays off to take time to look into a moving company. After all, you could be entrusting your personal belongings and address with strangers.

Below are tips to spot those of questionable reliability, professionalism and a potential risk to your own safety.


1. Have you been browsing Kijiji or Craigslist?

Unfortunately, these websites are havens for people looking to make a buck  movers that are not insured. This means that if your belongings are damaged or someone is injured, you could be liable.


2. Does the rate seem too good to be true?

These could be people who only accept cash. Odds are that you won’t get a receipt and there’s a good chance the movers will cancel last minute. These people may drag their feet to make more money and you might be subject to hidden charges. Another trick that these guys like to do is loading the truck then doubling the price to unload it.  Note: A reputable moving company will charge HST as we are required to do so by the Canada Revenue Agency for gross revenue exceeding $30 000. If your mover isn’t charging HST – can they really be that experienced?


3. Does the company have a website?

It’s 2019. The vast majority of reputable businesses understand that consumers look online. If you’re unable to find them, it would be difficult to hold them accountable should they not show up. It would also be difficult to track them down should your property be damaged or if something went missing. Note: Kijiji now masks emails. This makes it even more challenging to ensure accountability.



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