Brawny Movers
  1. Our high quality staff.
    • Most moving company employees are paid minimum wage so that the company can turn a larger profit [moving trucks are expensive!].
    • We pay our staff a higher starting wage to motivate employees to provide a better service [as well as offering performance incentives].
    • Our staff are gym regulars with athletic backgrounds and we believe they deserve compensation for that.
  2. The convenience of booking and paying online.
    • Easy to use calendar.
    • Multiple payment methods are accepted.
  3. Competitive pricing. 
      • Since our staff is chalked with strong and motivated movers. People are impressed by how much quicker their move is completed – if the move takes less time, that’s a lower cost to the customer. This doesn’t mean that our quality suffers.
      • We realize that there are only so many hours in the day and nobody wins when people drag their feet.
      • It’s also easier to move furniture when the lowest deadlift on our moving staff is over 400lbs.

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