Brawny Movers ServicesMovers [Labour Only]

Do you need a spare set of hands to help moving that old couch? We’ve got your back – literally. Save yourself the effort by hiring our strong movers to help move your furniture. Our furniture moving services started out as just labour-only solutions for within-home or within-apartment building moves, shipping container and truck loading or unloading.

Do you have a heavy move? Ex. A gun safe, vault, treadmill, piano, fitness equipment or any items above 250lbs. Please let us know in advance. Based on the item(s), there may be an additional charge.

Movers [with Trucks]

The ideal solution for someone who is all packed that wants to hire affordable moving help which includes the moving truck component as well. We have a fleet of 16′ trucks (for up to the average 2 bedroom apartment) and 26′ trucks (for household moves). Most residential moves are best with more than two men and a truck, which is why we offer 4+ mover crews for larger moves.

All of our moving trucks include moving blankets, dollies, shrink wrap / stretch film, mattress bags and basic hand tools. Please note that our trucks larger than 16′ are often booked well in advance. View our live availability through:

Brawny Movers Moving Truck sizes
Sometimes it helps to see moving truck sizes

Furniture Assembly

Did you know that IKEA offers a product affectionately nicknamed “The Divorce Maker”?
Stay calm, Brawny can build your MALM [MALM is a popular IKEA product line].
Whether you’d like to hire IKEA furniture assemblers or have other flatpack furniture assembly projects, there’s a good chance Brawny builds that.

Sometimes landlords ask tenants to move their items into the center of the unit while repairs and painting is performed. This means that the tenant is left trying to figure out how to assemble furniture and then move it into place. Instead, you can book our experienced staff to take care of this for you.

brawny movers ikea furniture assembly
We’ve been offering furniture assembly in London, Ontario and surrounding area since 2016!

Heavy Items / Furniture Deliveries

Not everybody has a vehicle capable of carrying home every purchase. If you need something large picked up and delivered, contact us for a quote.

Brawny Movers is the best choice for treadmill delivery, fitness equipment movers, furniture pick up and delivery services, appliance delivery and more.

***Please note that we do not offer junk removal at this time as we do not use our new vehicles [that transport expensive furniture] for hauling garbage.***




BRAWNY MOVING SERVICES: Elevating Your Moving Experience

Discover a moving experience like no other with BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES, where every detail is meticulously handled to ensure a seamless transition. We redefine the art of moving with precision, care, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to cater to your specific needs, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire process. Explore the various dimensions of our expertise below:

Micro-Moves: Tailored for Your Unique Items

When it comes to those small yet meaningful transitions, then BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES is your trusted partner. Our Micro-Moves service ensures that even moving that old couch to the garage receives the attention it deserves, and making your micro-move a seamless experience.

  • Micro-Moves

Labour-Only Assistance: Your Moving Companion

Opt for the convenience of a DIY move with a rented Uhaul, and hire Brawny Movers for the muscle. Our Labour-Only Assistance / Moving Help ensures that the (un)loading process is handled with efficiency, leaving you with a stress-free moving day.

Movers with a Truck: Comprehensive Moving Solutions

Experience the ease of our Movers with a Truck service, where we provide more than just two men and a truck. Our team comes equipped with blankets and other essentials, ensuring the safe and secure relocation of your belongings from point A to point B.

  • Comprehensive Moving Solutions – Beyond Just Transport

Furniture Dis/Assembly: Effortless IKEA Solutions

Tackling the challenge of assembling or disassembling IKEA furniture? BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES simplifies the process, and making furniture transitions easy and stress-free for you.

Deliveries: Specialized Services for Your Valuables

Our Deliveries service goes beyond traditional moves, ensuring the secure and timely transport of various items, from furniture to treadmills and even gun safes. Trust BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES to handle your precious cargo with the utmost care because of your previous work experience.

  • Specialized Deliveries with Long Distance Moving Services

Moving Forward Family Services: Tailored for Your Family’s Journey

At BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES, we recognize the importance of family. Our Moving Forward Family Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your family, and providing a caring touch throughout the entire moving process.

  • Family Services – Your Family, Our Priority

Long Distance Moving Services: Bridging Distances with Expertise

Whether you’re moving across state lines or to a different part of the country, our Long Distance Moving Services ensure a reliable and efficient relocation experience. Let BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES bridge the gap between your current and future home.

  • Expert Long Distance Moving Services – Bridging the Gap

Moving and Storage Services: Your Trusted Storage Partner

Need temporary storage during your move? So, Our Moving and Storage Services offer a secure and convenient solution, ensuring your belongings are kept safe until you’re ready to settle into your new space.

  • Seamless Moving and Storage Solutions – Your Belongings, Our Care

Choose BRAWNY MOVER SERVICES for a moving experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Because, our dedication to excellence, coupled with our diverse range of services, and positions us as the ideal partner for all your relocation needs.

Contact us today, and let’s embark on your journey together. So take our moving services: moving forward family services, long distance moving services, moving and storage services that prioritize your peace of mind.