Our high quality staff. Most moving company employees are paid minimum wage so that the company can turn a larger profit [moving trucks are expensive!]. We pay our staff a higher starting wage to motivate employees to provide a better service [as well as offering performance incentives]. Our staff are gym regulars with athletic backgrounds and we believe they deserve compensation for that. The convenience of booking and paying online. Easy to use calendar. Multiple payment methods are accepted. Competitive pricing.  Since our staff is chalked with strong and motivated movers. People are impressed by how much quicker their move is completed – if theRead More →

A standard charge for another insured moving company for 2 movers and a vehicle is $125+/hour with a 2-3 hour minimum. That’s a base charge of $250-375. Then they charge for fuel, insurance, taxes [if they’re legitimate], whether there are stairs… The list goes on. Since the average mover is only paid minimum wage [hourly], they don’t mind making a move last longer.   The Brawny Advantage You can rent a vehicle for a day for well under $50 if you plan ahead. You can hire 2 of our skilled and insured movers for $75/hour. With a 2 hour minimum, that’s a base charge ofRead More →