A standard charge for another insured moving company for 2 movers and a vehicle is $125+/hour with a 2-3 hour minimum.

That’s a base charge of $250-375. Then they charge for fuel, insurance, taxes [if they’re legitimate], whether there are stairs… The list goes on.

Since the average mover is only paid minimum wage [hourly], they don’t mind making a move last longer.


The Brawny Advantage

You can rent a vehicle for a day for well under $50 if you plan ahead.

You can hire 2 of our skilled and insured movers for $75/hour. With a 2 hour minimum, that’s a base charge of $150.

That’s only $200,

You are saving at least $50 to $175!

Our movers are bondable, earn a respectable wage and receive performance benefits. Our staff benefit more from providing a timely service.



*Please note that we do charge HST as it is mandatory for every Ontario company earning in excess of $30 000

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